Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Professional pictures from Chloe's wedding day

Thank you to Chenoa and Pilar Casamayor at Let Their Be Light Photography for these pictures.


Sunday, July 13, 2014

October Pt 3, Our baby turns One!!!

I know, I know. It's July, and I'm about to birth another baby, so I figured I'd better at least get this post from around the time of Philip's first birthday up before I become a new Mommy again and want to post pictures of that baby. :o) 

So. Here's the last post of it's type, as in, the way I used to post. :o) I'll have to find a new way one of these days, so I don't totally abandon my little corner of cyberspace. :o) 

Uncle Andrew has been around a lot, and we like that.

Lorrie almost always sends special surprises for the kids with whatever suitcase finds its way from Denver to Spruce Grove.
My cute little man. Love this kid so much. He was our expert crawler, I tell ya. Didn't walk till he was 17 1/2 months!
My inquisitive, curly-headed child.
And Hopey, the faithful babysitter.

Fall beauty out front. (My climbing rose.)

And strawberries.
And fall beauty in the back. (Rose bushes.)

Daring enough?
Talking to Granny, I think.

Yes, he has two older sisters. And yes, he plays with their toys and jewellery.

Joy really started getting into colouring in the fall, wanting to do whatever Hopey is doing. So neat to watch the little ones grow and develop.

Snack at the kitchen table, just before bed, one evening when Daddy was away on business in Denver.
One of the last trips to the playground for the season.

A thank-you bouquet for an act of kindness. Very appreciated. :o)

I love it when the babies start getting interested in looking at books. :o) Apparently this one put him to sleep.

Oops. I see these pictures are a little out of order in this post. Oh well. I'm not fixing them now.
This was Hopey "before..."
...and "after." The shorter hair cut was wonderful for her through the winter. She could wear it down without as much static, and it didn't hurt her as much to have it brushed. :o) Her hair is super fine.

Love it. Sleepy baby in the sunshine. :o)

Hopey painted this poster for her little brother for his birthday. We were going for the Winnie the Pooh look. :o)
Philip's 1st birthday, October 30, 2013.

Got him some things that make music, as it is such a part of him. He lights up and responds whenever we have music playing, live or recorded.

Kept an eye on him, but let him have fun with his balloons.
I think his birthday was on a Moms 'n Tots morning.
Painting a picture for her soon to be born cousin, James. (born to Joseph and Rachel Langemann in early November.)
Reminiscent of Hope's first birthday, I made waffles. :o)
It worked.

Lorrie got him a little drum in Guatemala. He loves it.

He was more into cheering when others pushed this wooden doggie from his Daddy, than he was about pushing it himself.
Tissue paper is for eating, right?
And there you have it. Our first little guy turned one. :o)