Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So, a needle pulling thread.

Okie-dokie. :o) Somebody asked to see pictures of what I've been sewing, so here they are! 
 Doll clothes and a matching skirt for Hopey too. The jumper I made out of this material for Hope at the time of Christy's wedding should fit Joy now, so they can all be in blue.
 Hurray for lace.
 And for time to sew! It's amazing how much more time you can find in a day when your baby is walking and weaned. So fun to have little girls and their dollies to sew for.
 Or crochet. I've since turned the "skirt" into a floppy hat, which looks so cute on the doll.
 And yes, I made diapers for the dolls. Just because I thought Hope would enjoy "changing" her dollies, and I was right. Also, I needed to provide a solution for bare-bottomed dollies, as I don't like them hanging around the house like that, and the diapers they came with from the store don't stay one them. :o)
 And, just for fun, a little lacey bag for Hopey's ribbons. My Mum sends her these pieces of pretty ribbon, and Hope just loves them, but they're slippery to step on, so I made a place for them to go. The miniature wash cloth is to go with the little miniature kitchen we bought for Hope's 3rd birthday, though we haven't given it to her yet, as we want to space out the presents as activities are needed on these wintery days.
A bubble apron for Joy and a changing pad cover for the diaper bag. I changed diaper bags in the fall, and wanted a sleeve/cover for the changing pad. So thankful for leftover fabric from other projects! All I bought for the things I just sewed was the trim! :o)

My little girlies

They found the hat in the toys and Hope put it on Joy-Belle. 

Darling little thing, ain't she? :o)
And the hat fits her head oh-so-much-better than it ever fit Hope's head. :o)
I missed the really cute shot of them, so this one had to do. I opened some cranberry grape juice and the girls immediately wanted some. No sooner had I poured it, added water, capped it, and given it to them, then they faced each other and drank almost dutifully with huge grins in their eyes!
Something to occupy the little one while Hopey was on my lap at the sewing machine. :o)
Taking pins out for me.
Joy woke up before Hope this day, and after a half hour or so with Mommy, she wandered off, pushed open the door in their room, and I found her right up beside Hope with some picture cards she wanted Hope to play with with her.
It was so cute. And it was a good time for Hopey to wake up anyways. :o)
My little rinser. She likes to do it, and asks to help quite often, which blesses my heart!
Evidence of child at play. I was cleaning up after putting them to bed one evening and found this little collection of stickers on the recliner. As I figured out later on, Joy had picked the stickers off a foam dolly bib in the toy basket and put them on the recliner while Hope and I were in the sewing room earlier that day.
Play time with friend Micah.
We had just finished a snack, hence the little ones were hanging around the table.
Double trouble? Nawh. Double the fun! And double the water on the floor, which means double the clean section on the floor! Actually, Hope's getting pretty good at keeping the water in the sink, but not Joy!
And this is how you look when you (Joy) drink the dish water! DISCOVERED! And, the "bubble apron" as we call it, is designed to keep out water from the front, but can't help when water is poured down it from the top, so... after this Joy had a complete change of outfit, as she was quite soaked to the skin from chin to waist. :o) But they had fun! :o)
Helping Mommy clean the house on Saturday.
And yes, she talks most of the time. :o)
While we were being cozy and industrious inside, our neigbours were out trying to un-bury their cars and walkways from the amazing snow we were getting. No kidding, I think we got 18 inches over the weekend! Thankfully, the guy with the snow blower did our walkway too.

Happy Days with Hope and Joy

This is Joy's favourite place at mealtimes - on Daddy's lap. :o)
Maybe partly because Daddy eats yummy things and shares them too!
Quite happy with herself.
Holding hands and playing together after breakfast one day.
{Hug.} A mutually enjoyed exchange. :o)
"Hey Joy, let's play train!"
So glad for the "roundabout" in our house!
Making biscuits for supper one night.
I don't have a regular circle-shaped cutter, so we made teddy bear shaped biscuits. :o)
I mean, why not? 
Joy likes to do everything Hopey does.
And does a pretty good job of it too. :o) So glad I got this apron made for her. :o)
Tasty little guys.
The cardboard car. Oh what fun! Thankfully, Joy likes it occasionally, and will sit in it and play for 20 min or so, especially if it's near the container drawer where she can fill the box with all sorts of fun shaped containers. :o)
The cardboard wagon. :o) Hope gets it much more than Joy does.
Hope with classic weekend treats - popcorn and homemade ice cream.
Both girls like to "lick out the bowl."
I joined the lot of them and we enjoyed a bit of The Sound of Music together.
We just had a grand, cozy little time and swept the floor after. :o) That's the thing about popcorn...
Hee hee. She picked these up on her own and was walking around with them.
Made me laugh that she had one on each arm. :o)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Roses from my Valentine

Funny, but I think this last shot is my favourite. :o)