Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Days with Hope and Joy

This is Joy's favourite place at mealtimes - on Daddy's lap. :o)
Maybe partly because Daddy eats yummy things and shares them too!
Quite happy with herself.
Holding hands and playing together after breakfast one day.
{Hug.} A mutually enjoyed exchange. :o)
"Hey Joy, let's play train!"
So glad for the "roundabout" in our house!
Making biscuits for supper one night.
I don't have a regular circle-shaped cutter, so we made teddy bear shaped biscuits. :o)
I mean, why not? 
Joy likes to do everything Hopey does.
And does a pretty good job of it too. :o) So glad I got this apron made for her. :o)
Tasty little guys.
The cardboard car. Oh what fun! Thankfully, Joy likes it occasionally, and will sit in it and play for 20 min or so, especially if it's near the container drawer where she can fill the box with all sorts of fun shaped containers. :o)
The cardboard wagon. :o) Hope gets it much more than Joy does.
Hope with classic weekend treats - popcorn and homemade ice cream.
Both girls like to "lick out the bowl."
I joined the lot of them and we enjoyed a bit of The Sound of Music together.
We just had a grand, cozy little time and swept the floor after. :o) That's the thing about popcorn...
Hee hee. She picked these up on her own and was walking around with them.
Made me laugh that she had one on each arm. :o)

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