Friday, March 26, 2010

Little Hope

I've been having fun shooting with Andrew's Nikon D90 for some of this visit. I love the clarity it gives on close-up shots. Our little girl.
She stands up against things quite well now.
"Hope, look at Momma!"
"I think I'm a little dazed, Momma!"

A special dress

Sandy sewed this little red jumper for Christy when Christy was a baby. Twenty-nine years and four girls later, niece Hope gets to wear the dress. "Smile for the camera!"
We were heading out to attend a Good News Orchestra concert in which Joe, William, Andrew, Daniel, and Amy performed. The outing provided the perfect opportunity for Hope to wear the special dress.
Sandy plays with the baby while the rest of us get our coats on. :o) While at the concert (which was performed in a nursing home) Grandma pulls out her trusty measuring tape to occupy the little one.
Hope had it all figured out!
Such simplicity is found in the eyes of a child.
A little worried that I'm gonna walk away from her, I think.

More fun at Grandma's house

Here are a few random shots from around the house.Hopey-Doodle loves the hook-on seat, because when she swings her legs the whole table jiggles!
Lookin' at somethin'.
For all her giggles and smiles, Hope does have serious moments. :o)
Trying to figure it out.
Now we're talking! Standing up gives more leverage!
"Look at me - no hands!"
"Now, how does this work, Grandma?"
Sunday night while everyone was playing games Grandma found the tub of cookie cutters for Hope. The Doodle-Bug loved it, and played by herself for quite a while. :o)

Sandy the seamstress

Sandy Hartzler worked many, many long hours the past two weeks, getting bridesmaid, flower girl, and mother-of-the-bride outfits ready for Christy and Matthew's wedding. It was a joy to help out and be around her as she worked.Marking the hem on a skirt.
Sandy is even more beautiful than she looks! She's a vibrant woman of God, and such an energy-giver.
Come the second week, Sandy was really missing being with her husband of 44 years who was home in Goshen, IN. As a thank-you to her for all the work, Matthew came up with the great idea to fly Phil out here as a surprise for Sandy. Upon returning from the airport, Christy told Phil to hide off to the side of the front porch, then told Sandy that there was a delivery for her. Sandy was stunned....
...then sooooooo excited!!! Phil and Sandy share a ripe and beautiful love, and it was such a treat for all of us to have both of them here together for a few days.
A grin from Josh, who popped out of the office to watch the arrival. He's such a trooper, keeping up the long hours required to meet deadlines, even though he's got a cold and sounds like a bass singer!
Lorrie helps out with some of the hand-sewing.
Matthew's Mom, Lisa: "I can thread a needle."
Sandy working her magic! She normally designs and sews custom drapes, so satin and chiffon were a bit of a shift, but you couldn't tell from looking at her work.
Lisa working on one of the flower-girl dresses.
Sandy the exuberant.
Trimming it so it fits just right!

"Sew, rip, sew the skirt,
Gently up the seam,
Merrily, marry me? Merrily, marry me;
Hurray for May 15!

Denver Snowfall

Denver in the springtime is an unpredictable as Alberta in the springtime! Wednesday night it started snowing, and it kept snowing all night and halfway through Thursday too!
Joe and Daniel get out and shovel the driveway and front walks.
In the backyard.
Isn't the snow beautiful?
This is the corner of the backyard.
Recognize the welcome chimes?

Christy's Bridal Shower

Following church on Sunday, all the ladies went out for a tea-party bridal shower in honour of Christy and Matthew.
Hope decides to konk-out on the way there. Thankfully, she slept for a while!
Kim (the hostess) had lovely tables with tea and treats set up for the ladies.
Smiling sisters. :o)
Reba with nephew Cohen.
Sandy was delighted to be able to still be here when the shower happened. So was I. It was special to be a part of it.
Mother of the bride, beautiful as always.
Christy, the glowing bride-to-be.
The little girls were allowed to come too. Manoah came in with these cool sunglasses, and she gladly posed for the camera.
One of the tables of ladies at the shower.
More smiles.
One of the gifts Christy received was a Rowenta iron, and there's a story behind it so that's why I posted the picture even though it's slightly blurry. We'd been having iron issues while sewing the bridesmaid dresses, as all the irons we had were spitting, which was leaving marks on the fabric. So, Lorrie decided she would get a brand new iron at Costco for Christy's shower gift. The catch was that we started using it right away, so it was just the box that Christy got at the shower, which generated lots of laughter! :o) In addition to this story, Christy got a second Rowenta iron at the shower - so there go you!
Auntie Angie helps Hope find something to do at the shower.
Somebody's just learning how to sit up! (Cohen, 6 months)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fun at Grandma's house

Here we are in Denver. Hope has her favourite toys, and you'll see that she takes them everywhere with her!Guess whose fingers these are!
"Who's calling me?"
Auntie Amy introduced Hope to the joys of box-riding at Christmastime. Hope remembers that she likes it.
Thought this was a fitting message!
Grandma's floor vibrates too!
Hope held out her hands for Sandy (Hartzler) to hold her. Sandy, of course, was delighted!
More fun with those toys. BTW, if anyone finds the yellow peg around the house let me know!
Dramatic wrists!