Friday, March 26, 2010

Christy's Bridal Shower

Following church on Sunday, all the ladies went out for a tea-party bridal shower in honour of Christy and Matthew.
Hope decides to konk-out on the way there. Thankfully, she slept for a while!
Kim (the hostess) had lovely tables with tea and treats set up for the ladies.
Smiling sisters. :o)
Reba with nephew Cohen.
Sandy was delighted to be able to still be here when the shower happened. So was I. It was special to be a part of it.
Mother of the bride, beautiful as always.
Christy, the glowing bride-to-be.
The little girls were allowed to come too. Manoah came in with these cool sunglasses, and she gladly posed for the camera.
One of the tables of ladies at the shower.
More smiles.
One of the gifts Christy received was a Rowenta iron, and there's a story behind it so that's why I posted the picture even though it's slightly blurry. We'd been having iron issues while sewing the bridesmaid dresses, as all the irons we had were spitting, which was leaving marks on the fabric. So, Lorrie decided she would get a brand new iron at Costco for Christy's shower gift. The catch was that we started using it right away, so it was just the box that Christy got at the shower, which generated lots of laughter! :o) In addition to this story, Christy got a second Rowenta iron at the shower - so there go you!
Auntie Angie helps Hope find something to do at the shower.
Somebody's just learning how to sit up! (Cohen, 6 months)

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