Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fun in the sewing room

The past couple weeks I've enjoyed doing some sewing projects. Thankfully, Hope is quite content to play on the floor by my feet. I looked down the other day and found that she had maneuvered herself into a very unique play spot indeed - under a chair.These bath toys from my Mum travel all over our house, as Hope loves them! She likes to stack them up, then take it apart and do it all again.
Quite happy to have her picture taken!
Trying to stick her head out to where I was.
Decides it's fine to sit.
Now, this is Hope's other most favourite toy - from Josh's Mom. I noticed she had a shape and a peg and was trying to get them to go together...So, I showed her how to do it.
After attempting it without success, she decides she wants me to do it.Instead of giving in I encouraged her to keep at it and guided her hand in the right direction.
She got it!
Notice how she found all the square pieces! Earlier she had all the circle ones, then she had just the yellow pieces...and she just contentedly plays like this while Momma does her work.
Of course, we do take time to share the toys and play together. The fruit of the womb truly is a reward! Children are such a blessing. :o)

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