Thursday, March 11, 2010

At home with Hope, Vol II

Hope had a cold last week, and was breathing through her mouth all the time which generated a lot of drool - hence the reason for the bibs.This particular day she had soaked through everything by mid-morning, some from the top, some from the bottom, and since her "real clothes" were needing laundered, so I resorted to putting her in a sleeper. :o) Actually, this sleeper was the first baby gift Mom Langemann gave us when they knew that we were expecting. Right then I soooo wanted to have a girl so she could wear this darling sleeper!
"What number did you want me to look up, Momma?"
Miss grin.
Staring off somewhere or nowhere...thinking about something or nothing...
The morning sunlight in our kitchen is great for taking pictures, and morning is a great time to capture Hope before her hair gets messed up and before she gets food on her clothes.
Note the flapping arms - one of Hope's means of expressing delight!
Just another grin.
And another one. :o)

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