Monday, May 23, 2011

On a Sunday Afternoon

To Count His Gifts, Vol 3

Selections from gifts 129-169

Pansies ready to be planted
Worms in the moist soil
Baby laughing at big sister
Wind without fire
New project for hubby's work
Baby eyelashes in lamplight
Hubby lovin' on our girls
Morning coffee from hubby
New music from hubby
Window panes reflected in baby's eyes
Rose petals reaching out for light
Mown grass
Sidewalk to sweep
Cards written
Fresh tea
Rolls on baby knees
Gentle Sunday afternoon rain
Hubby who rises early to seek God
Smiles of gratitude
Time to take pictures
Leftovers in fridge
Toddler's inviting imaginary delights
New book to read
Warm baby on a chilly morning
Rubbermaid containers
Soft playdough
Toddler singing alphabet as she wakes

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Many Adventures and Faces of Hope and Joy

Welcome to a picture walk through the week that just ended.

As I was getting the pictures ready for this post I noticed I took a lot of sets of pictures of the girls at play and around the house. I hope you don't mind the repetition, as they capture the little changes of their facial expressions. It's so amazing to me to see the wonder of God in their little faces. Only a Beautiful God could create such beauty and gentle loveliness. May the pictures bring you peace and cause your hearts to meditate on the Creator in ways that cause you togive Him worship and praise. May we touch His heart with simple gratitude for the ways He touches our lives.

Sunday afternoon time with Dad.Hope doing her own version of Ticket to Ride while Josh and I played at the other end of the table.
Excited and running around.
Playing happily while Hopey ran around.
Hope helping get Joy changed Monday morning... trying to undo Joy's snaps.
Givin' Joy's bear a hug.
Saying something or other while matching the socks from the laundry basket for me.
Playtime on Mommy & Daddy's bed!!!
There - I actually got two smiles and two sets of eyeballs.
Wanting to make Joy laugh. :o)
After posing for me Hope looked up and and asked "Hopey wiggle around? Yeah?" Away she went, the softness of the mattress beckoning the childish energy out of her.
After supper Hope was still full of wiggles and energy and had Joy completely entertained by bouncing around for Daddy.
Joy's reaction to Hopey's "jumping." Hope actually hasn't managed to get both feet off the floor at the same time yet, but she'll get it if she keeps practicing. :o)
Playtime in the nursery.
I think they had each other giggling!
Tickling Joy's back. :o)
Just love that huge grin on my baby girl!
The girls chillin' while I made the salad for supper that night. Hope was eating raisins and Joy was gumming celery.
"Hello camera!"
Woke up from her nap with moist curls all over her head.
...Deep thoughts for such a little person, Joy. Just because. :o)
Joy's first time in the jolly jumper. We needed somewhere for her to go while we started supper, so Josh brought it up from the basement. She did okay in it... I imagine she'll get better as time goes on. :o)
Plenty of drool to go around.
Watching Hope....
...bounce for real! Hope saw the jolly jumper and immediately wanted to go in it! I thought it couldn't hurt...she's certainly not too heavy for it, little miss 21.6 pounds! She is pretty tall in it though... oh well, she hasn't hit her head on the top cross bar yet so... :o)
"Bounce, bounce...bounce, bounce...hurray!" she said as she played.
She picked up her dolly from the floor using her two feet since she couldn't reach it with her hands. Yay! A little coordinated gal after my own heart.
Wednesday was our 3rd Anniversary.
Josh brought me one dozen lovely red roses for the occasion.
They are some of the nicest roses I've ever had and they are still looking good after a week.
We had company on Friday and fresh made chocolate chip cookies and homemade ice cream was the desert of choice, so Hopey and I baked together that morning.
She did really good about pressing them down... maybe a little too good on a few. :o)
The round-ish one. She was on her tummy when she started on the floor, but she rolled over.
Looking over at what Hope was doing...
If you already saw the video in the previous post then you know what this picture is about. If not then we'll let you in on a secret here and now! This is Joy playing on the ipad! There's a little fish pond program on there that the girls like. When you touch your hand to the screen it makes a splashing sound and sends ripples across the screen. It captivates their little imaginations quite well... a relief for those moments when I've run out of ideas!

Here's a couple videos of the girls in the jolly jumper. I did capture Joy's first few moments (ever) in it, so that's that.