Friday, May 6, 2011

Vancouver Pt 3, Family Time

Between the burial and funeral the family all went back to Opa's for lunch. The kids were all attracted to the simple games on Josh's ipad (which Lorrie was holding.)
Jeremy warming up. He and Johnny did some music at the service in the afternoon.
Hopey being bashful. Joy was little miss social that day.
Sam and Zach check out Grandpa Les' techy device.
Spreading a little Joy around. :o)
The family gathered around the table for lunch...
...and what turned into a little surprise birthday time for Josh, as it was his birthday the day of the funeral.
Hopey tries cake for the first time.
After the funeral service and fellowship time at church most of the family went back to Opa's again.
Cousin Ruth held Joy while she and I visited. It was really good to be able to get to know some of Josh's cousins.
Meanwhile, Josh took Hope to the playground next door. She was ready for some play time after being quiet all day during the funeral proceedings. When she got back from the park someone plopped her in Opa's chair. As you can see she was checking out his tea carafe. :o)
Little button eyes.... :o)
Opa saying goodnight to Joy as we prepared to go back to our hotel. "She's wiggly" was his comment after holding her.
Saturday morning (April 30) after packing up and loading up at the hotel, we went out for a nice breakfast with Lorrie and Melody and then went over to Opa's for a while before beginning the drive back to Alberta.
With many hours of sitting ahead, Melody and I took the opportunity to take Hope over to the playground again and let her run around for a while.
Pointing to me at the bottom of the slide... "Mommy catch you?" (means - "Mommy catch me.")
Lookin' like a pro.
And she consented to swinging for a little bit too, though the slide is definitely her favourite now.
Keeping and eye on those guys over there...
...Johnny and Jeremy had also wandered down to the park and were on the big swings.
Meanwhile, Josh had the chance to go for a walk with Opa and visit with him. Their identical poses crack me up! Gotta be Langemanns... :o)
Love Opa's classic shrug.
Hope gave Opa a "flower" she had picked for him. Then she picked more. :o)
Then it was time to say goodbye to Auntie Melody as she had to fly back to Denver that afternoon.
While Lorrie took Melody to the airport we went to Opa's for tea. Hope enjoyed time on the ipad, playing her little games and Opa was quite amused at how well Hope knew how to play on that "thing." :o)

Then, after saying goodbye to Les and Rita and Opa we got in the van with Grandma Lorrie along too, and began the drive back to Alberta. It was a great help to have Lorrie with us for the drive... helped keep the girls entertained, and she stayed with us for a whole week, which was the best part!

Stay tuned for more pictures... :o)

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