Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Harper's youngest fan

Hello everyone!

We've just returned from what turned into an extended time away. The passing of Josh's Oma on April 26th made us decide to extend our Easter trip by another few days so we could be with the family in Vancouver for the funeral. Lorrie traveled back with us and is here with us now. We are happily settling back into our own home and I'll work on updating the blog again over the next couple weeks.

Meanwhile, here's a video clip we took last night while we were up late watching the election results. As you can see, Joy was up late too, and this clip was taken around 11:20 pm. Lorrie had Joy laughing as she would say "Harper!" or, "We won!" so I thought I'd post the clip in celebration and thankfulness for the new Conservative majority government we now have here in Canada.

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