Friday, January 28, 2011

Random Happiness

A few shots of the girls hanging out together. Getting Hope up from her nap generally entails folding all the blankets and leaving her bed neat and tidy. Needing two hands for that job, I usually plop Joy in the crib with Hope while I straiten things.
Hope was particularily dopey when she woke this day as you can see in these next shots. (I think I had to wake her... it was after 5:00pm.)
Hope's in her own little world, but still with a hand on her little sister, who adores her as you can see.
Now... just imagine - if Joy really knew how she looked or knew what she could do with that puppy she's got her hand on... this would be a really funny shot! "I'm gonna get you big sister, Hope!" Hilarious times to come, methinks!
New stickers and a new picture from Granny to decorate! Yay! On these cold winter days with over two feet of snow outside and a newborn in the house, it's nice to have a fresh activity for Hope, since it's hard to go outside and play.
Thankfully, she can get some stickers off the sheets by herself. :o)
Well, her eyes were closed and she was still when I laid her down, but not for long. At least she's cute! :o)
Hope saw me with the camera and asked for her picture to be taken too.
Hope's first time eating a chocolate chip cookie! (note the chocolate smeared on her cheek) I guess she finally got over the "chips" in them and decided they were good. Funny, because she ate chocolate chips on their own before, but avoided cookies that had them in them.
Attentively looking at Daddy who whistles to her. Last week I noticed how Joy lit up when sung to at close range. I mentioned it to Josh, and he decided to try whistling. Worked just as well. Our little one is already living up to her name - Joy. She smiles very easily and is trying her hardest to figure out how to giggle. :o) It's so precious to have her look right into your eyes and smile when you sing to her. Hope likes it when we do action songs, because then she can "help" Joy do the actions.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

23 months and 7 weeks

Hopey-Doodle likes smiling for the new camera.In just one month she'll be 2! Oh my word!
A contented late evening grin.
Joy Corinne, 7 weeks old.
Looking up at Heidi who came for our check-up this morning. It was our 6 week check-up, just delayed by a week because Josh got stuck an extra night in Chicago on his business trip last week, and wanted to be here for the check-up, so we moved it out a week. :o)
Joy and the one who helped bring her into this world. :o) I told Heidi "I'm sure Joy's 9 pounds now." Up in the sling scale she went, and tada - it read 8 lb 15 oz! Close enough! And she's 21.5 inches long! In another week she'll be the same size Hope was at 3 months.
"Kiss." Hope is starting to give Joy kisses anytime Joy cries... probably because she sees me do it.
After a 3 1/2 hr nap and a good little nursing, Joy was a bundle of grins this afternoon!
Like the double chin? We do.
"Happy Joy" as Hope calls her.
And... full Joy. For now... :o)

Joy's Baby Shower

This Monday was a sunny day in Spruce Grove, and I enjoyed the natural light indoors all day.Lorrie got Joy this little outfit with pastel snowflakes and a "Snow Cute" caption on it. I especially like wearing the jumper on Joy because it helps keep her warm without a blanket in these winter days.
Monday evening was Joy's baby shower at church. I saved our matching outfits Chloe made to wear that day.
Joy, happy after eating.
The shower was in the evening at church. Joy slept in peoples arms for a good while, but woke up in time for the gift opening.
I think Hope was rather perplexed. "Why do we have to be quiet and pray before opening the presents?" A blessing was prayed for Joy and I, and I think it confused Hope's little brain.
Once we started opening gifts, she discovered one that was for her! Janessa Ardron helped with Hope and wrote things down for me.
Multi-tasking me. Joy was hungry, so... I fed her.
Burping the little gal.
Hope was such a help with the gifts, because they were on the floor and I was on the couch! No problem for Hope!
Some of the ladies in the fellowship hall.
Hope modeling Joy's new hat.
It was a double baby shower. Rebekah (in the burgundy striped sweater) gave birth to David Alexander 10 days after Joy was born. It was fun to have a "mummy tummy" companion, and now it's fun to be discovering our second borns together.
Joy was quite awake when we got home, thanks to her evening nap at the shower, so I decided to bathe her.
I've been doing it in the kitchen sink because it's a lot easier right now while she's still small and kinda floppy!

Snapshots from Sunday

"Josh, grab the camera quick, and see if you can get these smiles." :o) It's such an incredible feeling to have a baby look right into your eyes.
We get along good.
Snoozin' in Auntie Lyddie's arms later in the afternoon.
I love you, beautiful sister.
1,000 words escape me...

Great-Aunt Barb comes to visit

On Saturday we had a real treat - a visitor all the way from Dartmouth, NS! Great-Aunt Barb Winges!!! (Widow of the late Gordy Winges, one of Granny Cote's brothers.) Aunt Barb was in town visiting her sister, and contacted us about coming over. She has been a special friend to our family all our growing up years, and it really blessed me that she wanted to come over and meet Josh and the babies. :o)
Though she was never a Momma herself, she's great with little ones.
Notice the gold bangles on her right wrist... Aunt Barb wears one for each of her 16 or 17 nieces, and she never takes them off.
Joy was sleeping. :o) Again.
Hope warmed up to Aunt Barb as the day went on, and by evening they were real pals.
No - we don't have three girls, just two and a baby doll.
Rocking and telling tales... Aunt Barb kept Hope occupied while Lyd and I got supper on the table.
Smiles for Aunt Barb.
Who doesn't like attention?