Friday, January 7, 2011

More Pictures from the farm

More of the same.... Avery's sporting one of his new shirts! Can't get over these guys in T-shirts! I needed two sweaters to stay warm!
Rummikub. Don't care much for the game myself, but Dad and my two grandmother's played it a lot. They were very gracious to keep playing with him when he went out every single hand!!!
My second daughter. :o)
The makings of happiness - Great-Grandmothers and a baby doll.
A couch full of people I love.
Watching over her baby sister. That's the same playpen we slept in as kids. As you can see, it's pretty worn but still useful.
I think Hope was telling Granny what she wanted done with the Lego.
Dumping blocks into the "house" with Uncle Luke.
Don't know if she was putting them away or taking them out. Thankfully, she didn't figure out how to dump the whole pail onto the floor, at least not yet.
Focused on something.... wouldn't look up at the camera.
BATHTIME!!! With help from Auntie Chloe, and Auntie Lyddie took pictures.
She loves the water.
On her own, Hope started rinsing Joy when I sat her up beside Hope. I was pretty impressed.
Joy wiggled herself off the support, and seemed quite happy to slide around in that soft farm water. It was fun.
Snuggled in Auntie Lyddie's arms to get dry.
Chloe the artist helps Hope enjoy her hair washing.
"....What are you doing to my head, Auntie?"
Great-Granny put the little one to sleep that night. I transferred Joy into and out of her car seat without her waking that night. :o)
See the owl? He hung out in that tree for quite a while that day. Don't know who snapped this shot on my camera, but thanks to whoever did it.
One day, Josh and my siblings took of for the city to watch Voyage of the Dawn Treaders. The rest of us had a quiet day at the farm.
Papa showing Hope how to do the Winnie-the-Pooh sound book. She got it!!!
"Are you listening, Joy?"
Daddy and his two little girls, all ready for bed.

One last post from the farm coming up...

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