Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Second Day at the Farm

Tuesday morning, after a chiropractor appointment for me and one for Joy too, we got out to the farm around 1:00 or so. Hope and Great-Granny spent time playing together in the living room.
Good ole Fisher Price anchor toy still charms little kids. My siblings and I played with that when we were kids.
Since I hadn't done Hope's hair yet that day, and since a hair cut from Auntie Chloe was on the books for the holidays, we thought this would be a good day to do it.
Hope sat very still, which amazed the grandparents.
She loves girlie things, like haircuts and having her fingernails painted. :o)
Time for bangs. I waited until now to see what would naturally grow out and what wouldn't, so Chloe "did the deed" and Hope now has bangs. :o)
I think they look cute on her.
Great-Grampi takes a turn with Joy-Belle.
And Uncle Luke tries his hand (ha ha ha) at multi-tasking!
Whoa - more multi-tasking! Popular guy. I think I had sat down to play his hand by this time.
There was one mild day at the farm, so Granny and Uncle Avery took Hopey-Doodle out to play in the snow.
Needless to say, that was a HIT!
Thanks to someone for running my camera out there to capture these moments.
"B-right sunshine!"
What a grin!
Great-Granny's turn.
She and Joy got along very well.
Joy settled right in for a good nap.
Joy and her Great-Grandparents (on my side) L-R: Dad's Mom, Gelane Collin, and Mom's parents, Marcel and Beverley Cote.
Another nourishing meal. Turkey soup and buns!
My amazing bro and his amazing guitar! That Tackamine has astounding sound! Of course, the skilled player helps too!
Tuesday evening we had Christmas at the farm. Hopey-Doodle got a unique coat and hat, created especially for her by Auntie Chloe.
Looking at her new outfit in a mirror. Think she's got it close enough?
Lydia grabbed a bigger mirror and held it a ways away from Hope, which worked much better.
But she was enchanted with the little one.
Lots of little presents... :o)
Hair bows! Guess someone thought Papa should model them. Charming, eh?
A new storybook. The striped thing you see in the background is a fleece sweater for Hope, and Joy got a matching one too!
Josh had Avery's name for Christmas.... so that gift was saved till we could be there. In typical Collin fashion, Avery gave his gift a good shake and listen before opening it.
Yep. He liked the cap and shirts! S-core!
And... Avery had Josh's name, and this was the very cool gift Josh got! We have discovered you can play a fun version of this with just two people!
Watching Uncle Ave make faces.
Tea for the Great-Grandparents.
Thanks to my dear mother-in-law for "importing" these boxes of tea for me to give as gifts. PG Tips is an excellent English made black tea which I haven't found in Canada, but Lorrie can get it in Denver, so she brought a bunch for me when she came in October.
More hair clips for Hope! She doesn't know it, but I've been borrowing them!
Fashionable, don't you think?
Perched on Great-Grampi's lap to open a home made scarf from Great-Granny.
Notice she has two sets of new hair clips in her hair in addition to the ones she was already wearing!
Me and my Mummy, smiling down on Hopey-Doodle.
The D7000 takes the D200!
Oh my goodness - more presents! "Christmas is for kids" they say.
Hurray! Socks. Warm ones too. Very appropriate for where we live.
Showing baby Joy her (Joy's) new bear that rattles. I put it away when we got home to save it for Joy when she's ready.
Hope hasn't quite figured out why baby Joy can't hold on to things like she can.
And... I had Chloe's name. I knew what she wanted, and I got the reaction I wanted!!! S-core!
Her very own pair of Chaco's. (Thanks again, Lorrie! We can't get these in Canada either!)

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