Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First day at the farm

The next few posts will have pictures from our Christmas visit in Foremost where we spent the week after Christmas with my family and grandparents.

We started out our "vacation" with a midnight adventure - we packed up our toddler and our newborn and headed for Foremost at the grand hour of 9:30 pm on the evening of Boxing Day. We thought driving at night would be simpler for Hope, as we thought she'd sleep the whole time. She's getting smart, and she knew we were going to Granny's house, so she jabbered happily for the first hour, and then woke up every time we stopped to feed Joy as well. Hope was mostly happy, but totally exhausted by the time we reached my Grandma's house at 7:00 the next morning. Oh well.... she was back to normal after a couple days, and was a pretty good girl despite her tiredness.

As the farm house was full with all my siblings home and Granny and Grampi Cote there as well, our little family stayed in town at Grandma Collin's house. It worked well, as we were then able to take Grandma to the farm with us. She even let us use her car, which was a blessing, as fitting five in our Camry was a bit tight with two car seats!

Hope and Great-Grandma having breakfast together.
Doing stickers while Mommy and Daddy get ready for the day at the farm.
First impressions of the babe. :o)
Funny... this one strikes me in a puppy-dog sort of way, the way Dad is pulling the car seat cover back.
Uncle Luke takes a look while Granny (my Mum) checks to see how much Joy had changed in the 2 1/2 weeks since she saw her last.
Joy finally woke up, and I plopped her right into Auntie Chloe's arms so she could have a chance to wake up before nursing. :o)
I think the long car ride gave Joy a bit of gas, so Auntie Lyddie took to working Joy's legs to help the little one work it out.
Does she look full?
Josh quickly found a comfy spot to enjoy some holiday reading. Poor guy - in our last minute packing he forgot to put in the book he really wanted to read, but he downloaded a book on his ipad instead. :o)
We set up a little changing station in the main bathroom, which worked great. Hope quickly figured out which stack of diapers was for her and which one was for Joy.
Showing off the babe to Great-Grampi.
Hope lovin' on her own "baby." :o) I think Hope was a bit overwhelmed by her new surroundings for a bit, but after a good night of sleep she made herself right at home at the farm.
Discussing something with Uncle Avery, or "A-vee," as Hope says it.
We enjoyed many lovely fires in the fireplace at the farm. So cozy.
Finally Ave gets a chance to hold Joy. Once he started it was hard to stop him. :o)
Yawnnnnn. "All this attention makes me tired."
Oh boy! Rides for Hope! This was popular to say the least.
Listening to Papa makes entertaining sounds with his mouth. He does this with every baby he holds!
Still knows how to snuggle the wee ones right in there!
My Mum made awesome meals all week long, and we filled up that farmhouse table to the full! What a joy it is to fellowship with family!
Our little family hung out at the west end of the table. Worked well. :o)
Ice cream, of almost every variety a person could hope for!
At last, Mum got a chance to hold Joy. I think she convinced my Dad that Joy wasn't happy enough with him anymore, so she needed to try and console the babe. :o)
Trying to get that gas out...
"Who are you?" (Great-Granny, Mum's Mum)

Stay tuned for more...

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