Friday, February 25, 2011

It's a BOY!!!

Albert Matthew Johnson made his appearance at 9:22 this morning, weighing in at 5 lb 15 oz, 18 3/4 inches long! Labour went well and Christy and Albert and Daddy Matthew are all doing well. Lorrie and Melody were both with them for the birth. No pictures yet, but from the little video we saw he's a handsome, healthy looking baby boy!
Thank You, Lord for his safe arrival.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hope's first second birthday party

Monday, Feb 21st, was our last full day in Denver. Being that Hope's 2nd birthday was only days away, the family decided to do a little birthday party for her.Uncle Andrew finally has time to hold little Joy.
Need I explain??? Actually, I think we all were howling at that point because Hope was whining and we thought if we all did it together it might let her see how silly it was. She got the point.
That's better.
"Kigg-kers!!!" as Hope calls them.
And a kazoo from Auntie Melody too! That made Hope very happy.
Showing us how it's done... :o)
She just had to try a few stickers right away. Mom picked up the little yellow outfit earlier in the day with a matching one for Joy. Hope just wanted to try hers on right away.
Excitedly digging in to another present.
Hmm. Uh-oh. Let's just say this gift kinda scared Hopre that night, but I'm sure she will grow to like the googly-eyed puppets sooner or later. She'd just been scared by one at someone's house earlier that week, so that was what she remembered when she saw them.
But for then, it rather upset the dear little one, and she retreated to the safety of Daddy's arms.
Daddy tries to cheer her up with a new sticker book from Grandma.
Watching Hope...
And, that's about it for the Denver adventures. It was a wonderful two weeks. I think we all were a bit tired by the end though. I do believe I count four of us supporting our heads with our hands in this picture!
Hope knew what to do with her candles this year!!! Like the one that re-lights itself??

The Weekend

After another yummy Saturday brunch, Lorrie surprised Josh and I and Matthew and Christy with "belated Valentines gifts."The guys sorta raced to see who could open theirs first.
Christy lends a hand.
We couldn't believe our eyes! Well, we could, but you know what I mean! A Vita Mix for each of our young families! Wowsers. What an incredible blessing. It will be used many, many, many, times in the days and years ahead. Thank you, Mom!
Two girls in pink stripes.
More cuddles from Rachel who stopped by to visit after an event she had.
Sunday afternoon. Ahhh. Daddy finally gets some time to hold his little girl! Josh worked so hard both the weeks we were there.
In "Hopey-land."
Can't remember what was scarring her, but there was something on the living room floor she didn't like, so she retreated to the safety of Uncle Willi's arms. I don't think he minded one bit.

Angie alerted me to Hope who was going up and down the stairs, playing by herself, saying "ba-doo, ba-doo, ba-doo" all the way. It's a little word she and I say at times...

Of bubbles, trampolines, and our little girl

The weather was so nice our second week in Denver! Hope played outside for hours. Seeing what's in the jar.
Classic fun.
"Can you blow bubbles, Hope?"
"Blow harder!"
Look at that. :o)
Sweet success.
I think one popped and got her in the eye.
The wonder of a child.
I figured there was no reason to end her fun by making her eat lunch inside, so a picnic it was.
Fun times with "Auntie Marvelous."
Sizing up her shadow. She was even "fixing" her shadow's hair!
In all her adorable innocence, she would chase the shadow to the edge of the trampoline, then wave and say "bye, bye" to it when it slithered off the edge.
Eyes alive with adventure.
Just being Hope.
A focused fall.
Folding her arms like Great-Grandma Collin taught her.
I love you, little girl.

Happy Birthday Matthew

Looking up at her Auntie Melody.

Just imagine...
Matthew's birthday was on Wed the 16th, but his celebration wasn't until the 18th at his folks' place. Christy baked two cheesecakes and a bunch of brothers jumped in to help with the candle-lighting.
Watching the activity at the table.
He's the life of the party!

The Johnson tradition is to wrap birthday gifts in newspaper, so I thought I'd introduce a bit of Collin-type tradition by wrapping one of his gifts from us in tinfoil like my Dad usually does with my Mom's Christmas gifts.
It was pretzels. :o)
Rearranging Daddy's glasses and having a blast.
Ticket to Ride on the living room floor.
Hope took to playing on the couches, some with her Daddy and some with Uncle Danny.
"Pillows are for throwing, right?" Or not.
Gotta love those tired piggy-tails.
Good ole Dutch Blitz.