Saturday, February 12, 2011

First days in Denver

Welcome to our Denver adventure!

Hopey-Doodle on the plane. It worked out that there was an empty seat beside Josh's assigned seat, so that worked out great for Hope. :o) I sat directly behind them with Joy. Both girls did really good on the flight, with only one minor crying spell each.
Joy-Belle meets Auntie Christy.
It was 9:30 by the time we got back to the house. Hopey-Doodle was totally done for the day and went straight to bed. Joy, on the other hand, had lots of awake points left to spend because of her 8pm nap on the drive back from the airport. :o) I think she finally settled for the night around midnight. :-P
Uncle Matthew checkin' out his newest niece.
Lots of hold-time for the little one, which she likes.
Napping in Auntie Melody's skilled arms.
Auntie Angie finally gets a turn! :o) As you'll notice, Joy really likes to be held facing out.
The ole Fisher Price high chair still works, wobbly as it is. :o)
Toys and puzzles!!! Hooray. And Hopey loves Grandma's sheep skin rug.
Hope's almost always doing things with her baby.
Now, watch the progression in these next few shots. Hope has an old compact mirror of Lorrie's, and guess what she does with it?
"Oh, Granny, you are there. Well, I'm doing just great at Grandma's house. She bought me this cool new sippie cup, and I like it because it's the same colour as Mommy's water bottle."
"Oh? Really?"
"... ... ... Well, since Zephyr hasn't had her puppies yet, I guess I should hang up. Bye, bye."
It totally cracked us up watching Hope talk on "the phone" and sip her water and walk around at the same time.
Joy's favourite spot - on the bouncy ball. She falls asleep really quickly if you bounce her on it.

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  1. I guess multi-tasking genes run pretty heavy in Hope's pedigree. Love it!