Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentines Day

Lovely roses from my honey for Valentines.Love that Denver sunshine!

Some friends came over to visit that day, and Hope enjoyed the extra playmates to carry her around outside.
The girls and their tall and skinny snowman.
On her "cell phone" again.
Hope learns to go down the stairs!
I planned on teaching her how to do it while we were in Denver since their were carpeted stairs there and lots of hands to hold Joy.
She caught on really well, and it wasn't long before she was saying "do it self".
She only fell once, and we picked her up and helped her get right back at it. :o)
Of course, to enjoy the fun of going down, one must also climb up!
"Down, down, down."
Some of Lorrie's dear friends having coffee with her on Valentines Day. They both brought her flowers too, which she thought was pretty special.
Sarah rocking baby Joy in the new blanket she made for her.
Hope went a whole week without asking to do "bubbles"at the sink. She rather enjoyed it when she got to do it again, though. Mom and the sibs kept Hope for the evening and sent us over to M&C's for a quiet couples evening with dinner brought in from Olive Garden, courtesy of Mom.
This was as Valentine-y an outfit as I could put together for Joy. :o)
Christy let me break in her new changing pad when Joy needed a diaper change. Joy had caught the hem of her skirt in her hand and was flapping it around while lying there.
The Joy-Belle sleeping on Auntie's built in recliner. :o)
Beautiful Christy! Only a couple weeks left before their little one is due to arrive.
Notice the spice containers on the side of the fridge! She put magnets on the back of them so she could store them on the fridge since cupboard/drawer space was really limited. I think that is a very creative and thrifty idea!
Me and my sleeping little one. We were playing a game of Bohnanza after having dessert.
The happy pair.

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  1. Aw!! :) I'm so glad we got to stop by and see you and the girls! We had a blast... and I'm so glad Joy likes the blanket. :) I had it the fuzzy side out so I could enjoy the fuzz, lol.