Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Little ones...

It's been realllllly cold here in Alberta. So cold that I dressed Hope in a turtleneck and a full sweater the other day.Can't remember what she was saying, but it was something cute. :o)
See her little dimple? For once in her life, she's getting some chub on her.
Ahh yes! They both liked this arrangement, and I liked being able to set the supper table with two hands!
Watching her big sister play. Joy is noticeably more calm if Hope is nearby.
Hope's taken a fancy to my littlest pot, so I'm taking a fancy to the bigger ones.
Lunchtime today. "Oh Daddy, you're the best! You know I like to be held...all the time."
"And when you smile, I smile back."
"Oh that's SO FUNNY!"
"I'm still listening... but ...there's this thought in the back of my tummy's growling..."
"I know - you'll hand me to Mommy next, right?" And he did.
So - this was hilarious. Hope was happily munching on Cheerios while doing a Roman chair type squat against the wall when the furnace came on and sent her hair floating straight up.
She caught on to what was happening and was quite enjoying the whole experience and chatting merrily about ""
Then, the furnace turned off, and she looked right into the vent and on her own accord said, "Bye, bye air." I had to laugh!!!
After naptime today, Hope wanted to hold Joy. :o) I'm still trying to get the hang of getting Joy to smile and snapping the shot without my face being right behind the camera.
Hope - "kiss." And the babe... well, that's obvious. :o)

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  1. Hooray! So your dreamer girl has a dimple, just like me! Your captions make my heart giggle, which is good, because the pictures make my heart warm, then it melts in little pools of heart tears, wishing I could be there to smooch the baby's cheeks.