Monday, February 21, 2011

A Sunday to Remember

Last Sunday was an incredibly special day in my life, one I've waited what seems like a very long time to experience.

A dream came true, and I savoured every minute of it.

Here we were, at Grandma's house, it was Sunday evening, and the whole family was together. Aunts, Uncles, and the unborn cousin!

We were just being ourselves, and doing classic things like sampling the food before it was put on the table and chasing the little one around.

I sat on the couch nursing my littlest one and soaked it all in, giving thanks to my Heavenly Father for the sweet blessing of family and His provisions for us.
Oh yeah... this was Sunday afternoon, which of course comes before Sunday evening. Doodle-Bug played herself out, and was ready for a nap.
Hope discovers potato chips.
While Matthew and Christy check their email.
And Steve, oh yeah... he's not family, but he joined us for supper. Josh was glad for a chance to catch up with his good buddy.
Joy-Belle gets more adoring time from Auntie Melody.
Okay. Make that Hope-discovers-Doritos-too!
Checking out Uncle Matthew's photos.
Back to the counter for another potato chip. No one could resist giving her chips because she signed "please" for them and held her hand up oh-so-cutely. :o)
Hope takes after this guy, also munching on chips. :o)
Meanwhile, Christy scooped up Joy-Belle from Mello's lap and had some quiet auntie-time in the living room while the meat was finishing being cooked on the grill by Willi.
She's gonna make such a beautiful mommy!!! Love you lots Christy! Can't wait for baby to come!
A full table all set and ready for dinner. Matthew and Christy supplied the Izze's. Yum-yum.
The identical expressions of Hope and Josh cracked me up!
I thought Matthew's shirt said it well: "I'm excited to be here."
Check out Christy's expression, which was very fitting, as the sibs decided to see if they could make their cups sing after dinner.
Oh yeah, and then Andrew had to see if he could get two bottles to whistle at the same time.
Grandma rescues the Joy-Belle from all the noise at the dinner table.
Meanwhile, Uncle Willi decides Hopey-Doodle needs someone to chase her around.
Rockin' her grandbaby.
Thankfully, Joy only slept for a half hour. Evening naps are dangerous things with her! Keeps her up till really late...
Oh boy, did Hope ever love this! Matthew scooped her up and flew her around like an airplane, missing the wall by fractions of an inch at times, but he never "crashed." :o) He'd put Hope down, and she would squeal with delight and take off running in anticipation of him catching her again.
This was the closest I've ever seen Hope get to actually running. :o)
Retreating to Grandma's soft sheep-skin rug. Ahhhhh.
The sibs taught Hope how to give fist-bumps, so here she's giving Joy wants one.
Just had to post it for the expression and the pigtails.
Double-fist-bump, oh yeah!
And a little quiet playing on the rug with Uncle Andrew to finish the evening.

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