Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Day of Baby Showers

Thursday the 10th was a day of baby showers. Hopey stayed home to play during the first one, but I took Joy-Belle along. All ready for the day, and holding big sister Hope's hand.
Reba is expecting a baby girl the end of March, so there was a brunch and baby shower for her in the morning.
Joslyn (who hostessed the shower) settled little Joy, who had a colicky tummy that morning.
The little ones were helping with the gift-opening. :o)
Cowen, being the only boy there that morning, was subjected to the whims of the little girls who were playing... hence the big kiss on his cheek. :o) Back at home the Thenhaus' came over for a viola lesson for their oldest girl. Hope was a little unsure of what to do with other little kids at Grandma's house. :o)
We were getting ready for Christy's baby shower later that day, and Auntie Mello creatively put Hope to work helping her make cupcakes.
Little dreamer...
All told, I do believe Melody made 72 cupcakes that day! And all without an apron on! Goodness, I realize I am a messy cook, because I always need an apron!
The finished product. Oreo cupcakes. They were popular!
Joy had a long sleep in the carseat that afternoon, and then Hope decided she'd try to get the dolly in there like Joy had been.
She was quite determined to do it herself, though in the end she did ask for help with the buckle.
Opening gifts at the baby shower...
Matthew likes monkeys, so the hostess had put up fun Curious George decorations for the shower.
Looking on while the gifts are opened.
There were lots of monkey-themed gifts too. :o)

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