Thursday, February 24, 2011

Denver mid-week

Lorrie took the girls and I over to Christy's on Tuesday morning so Hope and Christy could have some time to connect.
Hope was delighted to try out the new baby toys. :o)
Diaper change for Joy.
A perfect time for pictures. :o) Christy was talking to her while I changed Hope beside them.
Joy and her "raspberries." :o)
More baking with Auntie Melody. Yay! I think Hope was probably saying "dump it" right then.
Joy lying in the same bouncer that her Daddy used to go in when he was a baby. :o)
Breakfast for Hopey-Doodle.
Check out that g-r-i-n! I think this is one of my favourite shots of the whole trip.
Some friends invited us and Matthew and Christy over for dinner and games. After a great dinner and dessert, they brought out the Apples to Apples game, and we talked merrily while playing it for a good long while.
Not quite sure if she wants to give the card to that great big guy with the black beard! Hope was our delivery girl, and took the cards back and forth, to and from the players all evening. She had lots of fun and saved all of us getting up or reaching across each other.
Uncle Matthew bouncing the little one. :o)

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