Thursday, February 24, 2011

Of bubbles, trampolines, and our little girl

The weather was so nice our second week in Denver! Hope played outside for hours. Seeing what's in the jar.
Classic fun.
"Can you blow bubbles, Hope?"
"Blow harder!"
Look at that. :o)
Sweet success.
I think one popped and got her in the eye.
The wonder of a child.
I figured there was no reason to end her fun by making her eat lunch inside, so a picnic it was.
Fun times with "Auntie Marvelous."
Sizing up her shadow. She was even "fixing" her shadow's hair!
In all her adorable innocence, she would chase the shadow to the edge of the trampoline, then wave and say "bye, bye" to it when it slithered off the edge.
Eyes alive with adventure.
Just being Hope.
A focused fall.
Folding her arms like Great-Grandma Collin taught her.
I love you, little girl.

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