Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hope's first second birthday party

Monday, Feb 21st, was our last full day in Denver. Being that Hope's 2nd birthday was only days away, the family decided to do a little birthday party for her.Uncle Andrew finally has time to hold little Joy.
Need I explain??? Actually, I think we all were howling at that point because Hope was whining and we thought if we all did it together it might let her see how silly it was. She got the point.
That's better.
"Kigg-kers!!!" as Hope calls them.
And a kazoo from Auntie Melody too! That made Hope very happy.
Showing us how it's done... :o)
She just had to try a few stickers right away. Mom picked up the little yellow outfit earlier in the day with a matching one for Joy. Hope just wanted to try hers on right away.
Excitedly digging in to another present.
Hmm. Uh-oh. Let's just say this gift kinda scared Hopre that night, but I'm sure she will grow to like the googly-eyed puppets sooner or later. She'd just been scared by one at someone's house earlier that week, so that was what she remembered when she saw them.
But for then, it rather upset the dear little one, and she retreated to the safety of Daddy's arms.
Daddy tries to cheer her up with a new sticker book from Grandma.
Watching Hope...
And, that's about it for the Denver adventures. It was a wonderful two weeks. I think we all were a bit tired by the end though. I do believe I count four of us supporting our heads with our hands in this picture!
Hope knew what to do with her candles this year!!! Like the one that re-lights itself??

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