Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Matthew

Looking up at her Auntie Melody.

Just imagine...
Matthew's birthday was on Wed the 16th, but his celebration wasn't until the 18th at his folks' place. Christy baked two cheesecakes and a bunch of brothers jumped in to help with the candle-lighting.
Watching the activity at the table.
He's the life of the party!

The Johnson tradition is to wrap birthday gifts in newspaper, so I thought I'd introduce a bit of Collin-type tradition by wrapping one of his gifts from us in tinfoil like my Dad usually does with my Mom's Christmas gifts.
It was pretzels. :o)
Rearranging Daddy's glasses and having a blast.
Ticket to Ride on the living room floor.
Hope took to playing on the couches, some with her Daddy and some with Uncle Danny.
"Pillows are for throwing, right?" Or not.
Gotta love those tired piggy-tails.
Good ole Dutch Blitz.

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