Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Weekend

After another yummy Saturday brunch, Lorrie surprised Josh and I and Matthew and Christy with "belated Valentines gifts."The guys sorta raced to see who could open theirs first.
Christy lends a hand.
We couldn't believe our eyes! Well, we could, but you know what I mean! A Vita Mix for each of our young families! Wowsers. What an incredible blessing. It will be used many, many, many, times in the days and years ahead. Thank you, Mom!
Two girls in pink stripes.
More cuddles from Rachel who stopped by to visit after an event she had.
Sunday afternoon. Ahhh. Daddy finally gets some time to hold his little girl! Josh worked so hard both the weeks we were there.
In "Hopey-land."
Can't remember what was scarring her, but there was something on the living room floor she didn't like, so she retreated to the safety of Uncle Willi's arms. I don't think he minded one bit.

Angie alerted me to Hope who was going up and down the stairs, playing by herself, saying "ba-doo, ba-doo, ba-doo" all the way. It's a little word she and I say at times...

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  1. I just love her soprano voice! And the fact that she is a dreamer . . . sigh . . .what utter loveliness to befall the world!