Monday, February 21, 2011

Upon a Happy Saturday

Welcome to Saturday at the Langemann's! The day starts with Christy and Matthew coming over to join the rest of us for brunch. Auntie Christy takes some time with Hope on the floor, even in her very pregnant state!
Hopey loves playing with the Lincoln Logs, especially if an uncle or an auntie is available to build a tower for her, which tower she then delightfully sends crashing to the floor.
Pretty soon they'll have a little one of their own. Meantime, they're practicing up on baby holding with little Joy-Belle. :o)
Now isn't that cute? Amy made it special for Hope, and Hope just thought it was the bees knees too! She was mortified when Daddy cut it into little pieces for her to eat, though she was the one who asked that it be cut! Emotional little girl. :o)
"ALRIGHT! A new uncle around who gives me new kinds of rides!"
Matthew thought he should load the chariot up a bit more...
And guess who was having more fun? It was a tie! :o)
Oh boy oh boy! PLAYDOUGH! Christy picked up some fun playdough as a little present for Hope and Uncle Matthew showed her what to do with it.
I do believe Matthew was having a blast! I was told that Hope was telling him "no, no, Maffwew" when he did something she didn't like with the playdough.
Snow time for Hopey-Doodle. YAY!!!
Amy even got her to go on the sled with her down the almost-sized-slope in the backyard. :o)
One of Joy's funny grins.
Our little bubbler.
Baking... after a fashion. A bowl of flour kept Hope well-occupied while Amy did the productive part of peeling potatoes!
Digging in for some fun. You shoulda seen the floor beneath her... :o)

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