Monday, May 31, 2010

A few shots from the reception

Alright, this is the last post I'm doing where we're all in our fancy clothes!

Thanks to Heather Tuplin for taking my camera and getting these shots of the reception for me.

Here we are, pictured with Sandy Hartzler, creator of the lovely blue and silver bridesmaid outfits!
Joanna and Laura Johnson.
The handsome-est groomsman of the bunch and me, the luckiest gal of all! :o)
Melody and Angela Langemann.
Christy and Matthew Johnson.
Timothy and Mark Johnson.
Joseph and William Langemann.
Dale and Lisa Johnson.
Friends from afar. :o) Charissa Fehr, Leanne Wilkie, Elizabeth Heikoop and Anne Marie Fehr, from Milk River, AB, Calgary, AB, and Mt. Pleasant, ON!
Reid Wilkie and Timothy Fehr, Calgary, AB, and Milk River, AB.

Now, there's a story on these two smiling dudes: After all was said and done at the wedding/rehearsal, the Langemann guys were offered 4 free tickets to the Colorado Rockies baseball game. The Rockies, being Langemann's and Reid's favourite team, happened to be playing Timothy's favourite team. (The Nationals? Don't know....) So, after a quick change of attire, off headed Joe, William, Reid and Tim to the ball game while everyone else came to Langemanns for fellowship. The guys had a great time, though it was a rather late night after such a full day! By the way, the Rockies won that game.

Three great friends! (I think Amy was taking Hope to get a dry diaper just then...)
Carolyn and Dick Ardron, Stony Plain, AB.
Josh and Rachelle Shonwise with Peter, and baby-bump #2, Olds, AB.
Josh and Leona Collier with Manoah, Denver, CO. (Owen was elsewhere and baby-bump #3 was just starting to show!)
Cameron and Lisa Fehr, and baby-bump #4, Lethbridge, AB. We miss living close to you guys! So grateful for all the blessed fellowship we shared with you when we lived there!
Me, signing the guest book.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A few pic's of the Little Langemanns

Thank you to Sarah Morgan for giving me the following pictures that she took.
To see her pictures from the wedding, go to
Hope woke up just before the unity song, but was kind of in a daze. ;o)
Our little family. Baby number 2 due November 28th!
Hope Alberta Langemann, 14 1/2 months old.
Hope with Auntie Amy. Hope can actually kind of say Amy's name... "May-me"
Kisses, sort of. She can really be generous with them when she wants to, which we enjoy!

"As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." Joshua 24:15

The wedding of Matthew and Christy

All dressed up and practiced up, the younger siblings did a masterful job of opening the day with lovely prelude music. Christina Johnson, Daniel Langemann and Bethany Johnson
Amy Langemann, Nathan Johnson, and Andrew Langemann
The ceremony begins, with the entrance of Matthew and his parents, Dale and Lisa Johnson.
I guess that was me going down the aisle. Thanks to Elisabeth Tijerina for taking my camera and getting these shots of the ceremony.
Hope fell asleep on Melody's shoulder while the bridesmaids were assembling just before the ceremony began, so Melody just carried her up the aisle with her. It worked great, and kept Hope quiet and still most of the ceremony. :o) Thanks for holding her, Mello.
The three flowers girls: Amy, Bethany, and Christina. ("A,B,C" as they are sometimes called)
Lorrie and Christy - the moment has finally arrived. Christy smiled that big the entire way down the aisle! The grace of the Lord was sufficient for Lorrie that day, and she graciously gave of herself all day long. What a beautiful tribute to the love she shared with her dear husband.
Albert was lovingly held in our hearts that day, as we witnessed the fulfillment of one of his desires for Christy - marriage to a godly young man. Albert knew Matthew well, and had told Lorrie some time back that he would be happy to have Matthew Johnson be a son-in-law of his someday.
May 15, 2010, that very thing came to pass.
For the processional, Angie and I played our own arrangement of "Holy, Holy, Holy" - a hymn played many times at weddings by she and her Dad.
The groomsmen and brothers singing "To The Praise of His Glorious Grace," which was the theme for Albert and Lorrie's wedding, May 22, 1977.
Mr. John Johnson Sr. was the officiant for the ceremony.
Instead of a "unity candle" the bride and groom played with their siblings a peppy arrangement of "Praise God From Whom all Blessings Flow." I was accompanying them on the piano which was off to the left, and the rest of the siblings were playing wind instruments and cellos off to the right of this shot.
Gratefully receiving a prayer of blessing from Lorrie's Dad, Frank Neufeld at the end of the ceremony.
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Johnson!

Happy: "delighted, pleased, or glad over a particular thing; characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy. Syn: "joyous, joyful, blithe, cheerful, mnerry, contented, gay, blissful, satisfied."

Getting ready

Here's a few snippets from behind-the-scenes with the Bride! Mother-of-the-bride gets her hair curled by Julie Tijerina while good friend Karen Morgan gives a squeeze of encouragement. I then got to arrange Lorrie's hair in an up-do for her, which was special to do. I did it for her at my wedding, so it was very special to be able to do it for her for Christy's wedding as well.
Meanwhile, Elisabeth Tijerinia creates a curly masterpiece for the beautiful bride. Elisabeth started at 6:00 am that morning on bridesmaid's do's, and everyone was done on time without any panic moments.
While Elisabeth worked her magic on the bride and bridesmaids, I had fun doing wreath braids in the flower-girls hair, complete with roses and baby's breath!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Of decorations and rehearsals

Friday morning the house was buzzing as everyone went about their tasks to get ready for the rehearsal and "the big day" ahead.
I was spending some last minutes practicing on the piano while William graciously spent time with Hopey-Doodle.
No matter what I did, I could not get both of them to smile at the camera at the same time.
That's me and Sandy Hartzler sitting in the aisle of the church creating the bow and swag look that Christy wanted. :o) Thanks to Sandy for the unexpected help! It was a life-saver for us!
Melody and Rachel Morgan did the swag part while Sandy and I worked on the bows.
As the afternoon wore on, a little freshening up seemed in order. I "caught" Melody straightening her hair in one of the mirror tiles that adorned the tops of the pillars. She was gracious enough to pose for me to get the shot. :o) Love you, beautiful one!
And here is the brave Reba Davidson, tackling the 400 roses to create masterpieces!
Elisabeth Tijerina lends a helping hand.
They did a beautiful job on the flowers.
More helpers putting together the cutlery and napkin sets. (Three of the Morgan sisters and Beth Hamvas)
Meanwhile, the guys find their own ways to help. The tables and chairs looked perfect!
Pipe and drape? No problem for these two Alert guys. The black draping created a stunning background for the ceremony.
Two creative ladies at work. (Pardon the expressions) We needed something to do on the wings of the stage, and this was what they came up with. :o)
Rachel Morgan, practicing up. Her music sounded lovely!
Here we are at rehearsal time (4:00). The last thing Hope wanted to do was sit still and be quiet, so the automatic folding chairs in the sanctuary were a great help. Lightweight as she is, I would pull the front of the seat down and it would fold back up, brining her feet to her chin. It kept her happily entertained for... a little bit.
Enthralled by the sensation of herself being gently squished in two while still being upright. :o)
After rehearsal comes rehearsal dinner which means floor space and freedom for crawling again!
"Momma, I want to be taking the picture!!!"
A tired Hopey-Doodle, obediently opening a gift from Auntie Christy before going home to take a bath and go to bed. The big day was just ahead.... :o)