Monday, May 31, 2010

A few shots from the reception

Alright, this is the last post I'm doing where we're all in our fancy clothes!

Thanks to Heather Tuplin for taking my camera and getting these shots of the reception for me.

Here we are, pictured with Sandy Hartzler, creator of the lovely blue and silver bridesmaid outfits!
Joanna and Laura Johnson.
The handsome-est groomsman of the bunch and me, the luckiest gal of all! :o)
Melody and Angela Langemann.
Christy and Matthew Johnson.
Timothy and Mark Johnson.
Joseph and William Langemann.
Dale and Lisa Johnson.
Friends from afar. :o) Charissa Fehr, Leanne Wilkie, Elizabeth Heikoop and Anne Marie Fehr, from Milk River, AB, Calgary, AB, and Mt. Pleasant, ON!
Reid Wilkie and Timothy Fehr, Calgary, AB, and Milk River, AB.

Now, there's a story on these two smiling dudes: After all was said and done at the wedding/rehearsal, the Langemann guys were offered 4 free tickets to the Colorado Rockies baseball game. The Rockies, being Langemann's and Reid's favourite team, happened to be playing Timothy's favourite team. (The Nationals? Don't know....) So, after a quick change of attire, off headed Joe, William, Reid and Tim to the ball game while everyone else came to Langemanns for fellowship. The guys had a great time, though it was a rather late night after such a full day! By the way, the Rockies won that game.

Three great friends! (I think Amy was taking Hope to get a dry diaper just then...)
Carolyn and Dick Ardron, Stony Plain, AB.
Josh and Rachelle Shonwise with Peter, and baby-bump #2, Olds, AB.
Josh and Leona Collier with Manoah, Denver, CO. (Owen was elsewhere and baby-bump #3 was just starting to show!)
Cameron and Lisa Fehr, and baby-bump #4, Lethbridge, AB. We miss living close to you guys! So grateful for all the blessed fellowship we shared with you when we lived there!
Me, signing the guest book.


  1. Thanks so much for posting these pictures, Erin! I'm enjoying them so much! And yes that game was the Nationals v. the Rockies. :D

  2. You look lovely! I check your blog nearly every day (seriously!) and love to get glimpses of you and your little family. So thankful for blogs and pictures to keep me a bit in the loop with friends like you, my dear sister.