Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Amy in her glory :o)

After the wedding on Saturday, Lorrie had invited the Canadian friends over to the house for food and fellowship. I did take pictures of the adults too, but decided not to post them as the adults all look rather tired and warm.

The kids, however, had endless energy, and Amy kept right up with all of them.
Alanna, Megan, and Cadence Fehr having fun on the trampoline.
I think Amy was having fun too. :o)Three little friends who live so-far-apart. L-R: Peter Shonwise, 18 mon, Katelyn Heikoop, 11 mon, Hope Langemann, 14 months.
Amy was pushing them back and forth on the garden swing. All the kids loved it, though they took turns doing the laughing part.
Kids are so cute!


  1. Such cute little ones! I didn't really realize how small Hope was until I saw her next to Kate and Peter!

  2. So cute to see the three little ones together! Kilmeny is wearing her green dress now too, I love it. =)
    Hope you're doing well, Erin.