Friday, June 25, 2010

Simple Gifts

Saturday, June 5th was one of the most beautiful days of my recent life. My darling husband went out in the morning to pick up delicious bacon and eggs and fresh coffee to sustain us for the very full day of work ahead. All day we worked sometimes together and sometimes apart in the house, kitchen, and yard, getting ready for the anticipated arrival of his family, the following Monday.

I scooped up Hope and took her to the back yard so she could be outside for a few minutes in the morning while I watered my freshly planted flowers. It was one of those picture-perfect mornings, and the little tot just loved exploring the overgrown lawn and the various weeds that grow in it. (Josh mowed it later that day!)

Thank-you, Lord for a little girl and a loving husband.

Enjoy the pic's! Auntie Lyddie, this post is for you! Miss you TONS, sis!!!

While I made lasagna and homemade oreo cookies, I gave Hope some pinto beans I had just bought for her to play with, a couple metal bowls, and some baking spoons.
She was intrigued and it kept her occupied for over an hour! "Beans" has now become one of her favourite things to do in the kitchen, and she knows which cupboard they are stored in, so she points towards the cupboard and grunts when she wants to play with them!

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  1. Cute pictures! Hope's hair is getting so long. =)