Thursday, June 3, 2010

A trip to Red Rocks

The day after the wedding was enjoyed with Opa Langemann, Uncle Les and Aunt Rita. Lorrie had the brilliant idea to pack up a picnic lunch for everyone and head down to Red Rocks in the afternoon! It was lovely to be outdoors!Just love what the sunshine does to creation!
The legendary "kissing camels."
Parking was tough to find, so part of the group set out on foot to find a picnic spot while Joe and Josh tried to find a parking spot for the Sprinter. We found a spot, so Hope is reserving it in her stroller for the guys!
She loves clapping her hands, and being outside makes her so happy!
"Peek-a-boo." Someone's relaxed!
Picnic table #1.
Picnic table #2. Not quite sure what Joe was consternating about there! ;o)
Little Miss dramatic enjoying her apple juice!
"Hey, this is none of your business, Mr. Camera!!!"
"Ahh. Delicious!"
Pickles!!! Hurray.
Yes, she was actually eating it.
Yum yum, pickles and apple juice. Gotta love that combination. She did for the moment, though it caused a little stomach upset later in the evening.
After lunch, everyone set out to walk a couple of the trails.
Hope had no interest in going back in her stroller.
She just wanted to walk, and walk, and walk....
And walk some more.
Aunt Rita finally scooped her up and carried her for a bit, as Doodle was slowing the group down!
Eventually, William and Amy convinced her to go back in her stroller, and William gave her an exciting ride!
Miss focused.
Can you guess what sound she's making? :o) She does it very well too, and surpasses me easily for endurance in making the sound!
Final stop before going home was the balanced rock. Auntie Angie helps Hope climb up!

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