Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our second anniversary getaway

May 18 was our second anniversary, and since we had lots of babysitters available to us, we took off for a quick two day trip up to the mountains. This was my first time leaving Hope, so that part was hard, but it was good to have some time as a couple!
Most of the two days were cloudy with some rain, but the rain was enjoyable too!
The sun did poke through every now and then.
We did some hiking and driving in Rocky Mountain National Park. A meadow full of grazing elk was one of the sites we enjoyed seeing.
And what's a meadow without these little guys? If I was at the farm, I would have "shot" this guy with something other than my camera!
We decided to hike out to Cub Lake, a hike just under 5 miles. Having been told by someone at the tourist center that it was a shorter hike than that, we weren't quite as prepared as we should have been, but we made it! I thought this was a neat view - it looked like our path was dropping off the side of the hill, when really it was just a corner!
Lots of nature to enjoy along the path!
Parts of the path were rather wet!
Cub Lake.
We found a great big rock and sat on top of it to rest for 10 minutes before trying to get back ahead of the thunderstorm that was brewing.
This beautiful bird landed in the tree right next to us.
Thankfully, he didn't mind having his picture taken.
Watching the clouds over the mountains.
This little guy climbed up onto the rock where we were perched, and got within about 3ft of us!
Here comes the storm! We only experienced periods of light rain on the trek back. It was awesome to be out in God's creation and listen to the thunder around us!
Since our hike took a little longer than we anticipated, and since 4:00 was too late to have lunch, we decided to freshen up and head out for an early supper. Josh asked for a recommendation, and this was where it took us - to Mary's Lake Lodge. We had the place to ourselves when we arrived, with a few folks trickling in as the evening went on.
This was the butter for Josh's bread. It fascinated me, so I thought I'd take a picture of it.
My place setting. They really set a nice table there, and you have a nice view of the mountains on one side and some houses/cabins on the other side.
We ordered an appetizer of "Stuffed Portabello", which was more like a complete salad, topped with portabello, tomato, and melted cheese. It was very good.
This was Josh's Tiramisu dessert, laid out quite tastefully, I thought!
Packing up to leave our cabin.
We stopped by a waterfall before taking a walk and driving back to Denver.
In 1982 this waterfall was created when a flash flood created the gorge you see in the mountainside above the fall.
Guess who?

It was so special to get away with Josh. The rest was good for us after the busy times of Matthew and Christy's wedding, and it was a blessing for us to be out together in God's creation and have time to just be together and talk. :o) Josh, you are the biggest blessing I have ever known! I love you so much!
Another storm blew in behind us as we headed for lower ground. :o) Creation sings the Father's song! How beautiful are the works of His hands.

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