Thursday, May 6, 2010

Keeping my word :o)

I told someone I would post some pictures of our living room and a few sewing projects I've recently completed. So, in keeping my word, here's a few shots I took this morning.No, these are not sewing projects, these are just the decorations I have on top of my roll-top desk that sits in the corner of our dining room. :o) This is an important verse to keep before our eyes.
These are the cushion covers I just made, and there is a matching set on the other couch. The front one is done using the Chenille technique. Thanks to my Mom for teaching me how to do it and for helping me trace on the lines. :o) Grandma, I was wishing you lived closer so you could help me sew the binding on, but know that I thought of you while I was doing it!
This picture was taken from the dining end of the dining/living room. To the left of the leftmost couch you can sort of see the front door. Along the right hand wall there are two 5x5 windows, which we are having replaced with new ones. We are looking forward to having screened windows in this room as it will help immensely with ventilation and air circulation! On the wall opposite the windows is our piano, but I didn't take a picture of it today. The living room is open at the front entrance which adjoins to the front hallway.
At the far end of the living/dining room is our dining room suite with a freshly made tablecloth all suited to spring. Thanks to Mom L. for the great fabric. She purchased it to make a tablecloth for their table, but it was a bit too small, so she gave it to us for our table! I made four coordinating napkins as well, but could not find them to include in the picture! As I type this I see them sitting beside me in the sewing room/office. I ironed them the other day, and I guess I just didn't put them away!
To the right of the table is the open doorway which leads into our kitchen. We purchased the oak china hutch and table/chairs set used from my Dad's cousin the summer after we married. The table has two 18 inch leaves and can seat 12 when opened up the full length.
The pieces that fill this china cabinet each have a story. Every single one was a gift from someone special, including heirloom china from a dear adopted-Grandma in Chicago and a silver flatware set from my Great-Grandmother Collin, contained in the wooden chest in the bottom/center of the cabinet. The flower vase in the bottom left corner was an heirloom gift from another adopted Grandmother. The silver tea set at the top right was a gift from my sister Chloe, which she brought back from Spain when she was there a couple years ago. The cute yellow bear on the top shelf was also made by Chloe, though that's not it's normal resting place!

I am so blessed every time I think about each of the folks who gave us the pieces that fill this cabinet, and I pray that we use them to the refreshment of others for the glory of God as travelers and friends come through our home. As Paul said long ago, "Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all..."

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