Friday, May 28, 2010

Of decorations and rehearsals

Friday morning the house was buzzing as everyone went about their tasks to get ready for the rehearsal and "the big day" ahead.
I was spending some last minutes practicing on the piano while William graciously spent time with Hopey-Doodle.
No matter what I did, I could not get both of them to smile at the camera at the same time.
That's me and Sandy Hartzler sitting in the aisle of the church creating the bow and swag look that Christy wanted. :o) Thanks to Sandy for the unexpected help! It was a life-saver for us!
Melody and Rachel Morgan did the swag part while Sandy and I worked on the bows.
As the afternoon wore on, a little freshening up seemed in order. I "caught" Melody straightening her hair in one of the mirror tiles that adorned the tops of the pillars. She was gracious enough to pose for me to get the shot. :o) Love you, beautiful one!
And here is the brave Reba Davidson, tackling the 400 roses to create masterpieces!
Elisabeth Tijerina lends a helping hand.
They did a beautiful job on the flowers.
More helpers putting together the cutlery and napkin sets. (Three of the Morgan sisters and Beth Hamvas)
Meanwhile, the guys find their own ways to help. The tables and chairs looked perfect!
Pipe and drape? No problem for these two Alert guys. The black draping created a stunning background for the ceremony.
Two creative ladies at work. (Pardon the expressions) We needed something to do on the wings of the stage, and this was what they came up with. :o)
Rachel Morgan, practicing up. Her music sounded lovely!
Here we are at rehearsal time (4:00). The last thing Hope wanted to do was sit still and be quiet, so the automatic folding chairs in the sanctuary were a great help. Lightweight as she is, I would pull the front of the seat down and it would fold back up, brining her feet to her chin. It kept her happily entertained for... a little bit.
Enthralled by the sensation of herself being gently squished in two while still being upright. :o)
After rehearsal comes rehearsal dinner which means floor space and freedom for crawling again!
"Momma, I want to be taking the picture!!!"
A tired Hopey-Doodle, obediently opening a gift from Auntie Christy before going home to take a bath and go to bed. The big day was just ahead.... :o)

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