Thursday, May 6, 2010

Josh's 31st Birthday

Josh stayed home on his birthday and took a half day off, as he was rather under the weather with a cold, but we had a special family day.Hope is quite into opening presents, and is pretty good at it too, so she was a "big help" to Daddy!
See what I mean.
"I got it Dadda!"
Showing me the contents of the package.
My sweetheart doing a little bit of work with some canned peaches to help out!
Trying out his new music stand. (birthday gift) It was soooo good to hear him play again. He sounded great!
Hope spent lots of time around Daddy on his birthday. One thing she gets to do while Daddy works is play with his little collection of computer gadgets, which she thinks is pretty cool!
I did a double take when I saw this arrangement of the skirt over the head. Josh humorously pointed out that it saved his hair from being pulled! Good point, I thought!
Chocolate! Hurray!!!

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