Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today is my wonderful husband's birthday!

Happy Birthday, Joshua Karl Langemann!

I love you so much, Josh! I'm so glad you could be home for your birthday! You are so special to Hope and I. Thank you for loving us and helping us live the adventures that life brings our way!
I love being your wife, taking care of you, our home, and our little girl. You are the friend of a lifetime to me.
This year may our Lord bless you with increasing realness in your relationship with Him, increased life in His word, and increased joy in the Holy Spirit!
Cheering for you,

To celebrate Daddy's birthday, Hope did her very first colouring project! We hung this on the door of the nursery so Daddy would see it in the morning! He was very impressed. :o)

You can see she rather preferred the colour red. :o)
Here's the little one at work on her masterpiece. She was very glad to see her Daddy again yesterday. As soon as she realized who it was she wiggled out of my arms and clung to Josh and wanted to be in his arms as much as he'd hold her. She doesn't mind or notice at all that Daddy has a cold, though we hope she doesn't come down with it. The love of a child is so unconditionally giving!

That's how all of us should be. :o)

"Dear Daddy,

Happy birthday!

Daddy, what’s a birthday? I don’t think I’ve had one of those yet, but I think today is your birthday, because it seems that there’s a special feeling in the air.

What’s air, Daddy? I don’t think I’ve felt that yet, but I have special feelings around me all the time.

What’s time, Daddy? I know Momma tells big sister Hope “Time for a snack, time for a nap, time to play, time to wash hands, time to go to bed.” So many words I don’t know.

But one thing I know is that you must love Momma and big sister Hope very much, because they seem happy. I know, because happy is a feeling, and that’s what I do best!

One day soon, I’ll be able to do more than feel – I’ll be able to hear, and I’ll wonder what all those sounds are that I hear.

Daddy, what are you all doing out there? Whatever it is must make you happy, because I feel happy to hear you.

One day soon, you’ll hear me, and I’ll hear you without all these thumping and swooshing noises around me. But for now, I’ll stay warm and cozy in here.

I love you, Daddy.

Happy Birthday! I’ll meet you soon – on my birthday! Momma says that’ll be late November.

What’s November, Daddy? Never mind, you can tell me later."

Being formed,

Your new little one


  1. yay!!!! That is sooo exciting you guys!!

  2. I love the poem introducing your newest little one, Erin! It is absolutely adorable!! :-) Congratulations to both of you and a happy birthday to Josh!

    I miss you all and wish it wasn't so hard to get together but Alberta is such an awful long way from Chicago-land. Thank you so much for keeping up with the blog so I can be a part of your lives even from so far away. :-)

    ~ Valerie

  3. Giggle ... smile ... twinkle ... hoorayness for babies! I'm so happy to be an aunt again. Love the letter to Daddy ... I think we ought to turn it into a book.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! And how great is God! Yup, I'm happy.

  5. Yay! Thank you Lord, for this new little life! :-) I'm so happy for each one of you - may you find much rest, energy, and increased joy as you wait for the arrival of Hope's little brother or sister. :-)