Wednesday, April 28, 2010

At home with Hope, Vol IV

The adventure continues...
The look says it all!
"See what Dadda lets me do after supper, Momma?" No idea why Blogger decided to post this picture sideways, it's not that way in the original file. Sorry.
"Umph... I have to reach to get the very last ones before Momma takes me away to bed."
"Hmm, now that I'm brave enough to pull myself up, it's time to investigate Momma's cupboards!"
"The right side was boring, what might be in the left side?"
Ready to go for a springy walk with Momma. This flannel bonnet came in handy, because the winds are still cool up here. She sure turned lots of heads, bouncing along in her stroller with that bright and adorable hat!
"What's that squeaking sound, Momma?" (Hearing the chains as she swung back and forth.)
"I love this!"

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