Friday, April 9, 2010

A visit with some friends

One day while at the farm, Hope and I went to visit Rebecca Fehr (Andrew and Rebecca) and their two little munchkins. Here you can see that neither baby is really interested in playing with the Blokus shapes Rebecca got out for them, but Daniel's big sis Karina sure was. Sorry, I guess I didn't get a picture of Karina this time :o(
We stayed for lunch and Hope and Daniel both got apple quarters to munch on while lunch was prepared. Notice Hope's is pretty intact yet. Watch out .....
I'm inclined to believe that sir Daniel has figured out how to use his teeth much more than lady Hope has! hee hee hee. Kids are so much fun!
Daniel was born about 6 weeks after Hope and was almost twice her size. He's definitely all-boy, and she's definitely all-girl. We had fun visiting them. Thanks for the delicious lunch too, Rebecca!

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  1. How special for you to visit them! I am SURE you had a lovely time.
    Danial is such a little man - really a darling boy! Hope looks so dainty and delicate. :)