Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A week without Daddy

Josh had to travel on business from last Wednesday through this Wednesday. Hope and I held the fort here at home. We kept music playing lots of the time, which helped it not seem so quiet and lonely.
Lorrie gave Hope a couple of these foam puzzles for Christmas, but I had been saving one for a special time, so I'd have a new toy to give her if she needed it. Josh's trip seemed like the perfect time. As you can see, she wants to share. :o) A good thing. :o)
Just cute.
Miss attentive, most of the time. :o)
Hope tried several new foods while Josh was gone, one of which was raw peas. She would gnaw on them like a cob of corn till she broke through the shell and got to the peas inside.
Or, sometimes she'd just take a bite out of the end!
She dropped one and the handy-dandy catcher tray on the bib happened to catch it. Trouble was, she just couldn't get it out. Peas can be such bothersome little things!
I picked it out and gave it to her, but here she sees there's still stuff stuck in the tray. Hmmm.
Ahh. Quenching that thirst of hers with some water from her cup! This cup has no "air-intake-return" so it makes the most hilarious squeeezing/gasping sound when she stops drinking and it takes in the air. It's quite funny!

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  1. We have the same cup and William used to have such a belly-laugh over that noise! :D
    Those first pictures of Hope with the puzzles are so sweet - I can just see a big personality shining out of those eyes!