Friday, April 16, 2010

Final few shots from the farm

Here's a final few random shots from the farm.
After dinner, Dad (Papa) and Hopey-Doodle would play together in the living room. They found all sorts of creative things to do with the crokinole pieces!
Uncle Ave and the little one. :o)
Hurray - Daddy came back to us! After a week away on business, Josh joined us at the farm. Hope was so glad to have her Daddy back, as was I. :o)
On Saturday, April 3, Great-Grandma came out to join us for a day-early birthday celebration for Avery.
Chloe made him this awesome chocolate mocha cake. Hard to believe my littlest bro is 15, and he's definitely taller and bigger than me now!
Taken with that sparkler.
An Easter present for Hopey-Doodle from Auntie Chloe and Auntie Lyddie.
A new dress with lots of growing room! How pretty!
Then, there was a second gift from Auntie Chloe, but Hope's a little concerned about what's happening to all the tissue paper she just tossed onto the floor from her other gift. Here she watches closely as Uncle Luke picks it up and throws it away.
Checking out the nice lettering.
Arch books - YAY! We Collin kids grew up on these Bible story books. They are written in poetry and all of us have good memories of having them read to us over and over again. My siblings even turned some of them into puppet productions. :o) After Hope opened her gift, Chloe ran downstairs and found our stash of books which Mum and Dad still have on their bookshelf, and we laughed and laughed as we reminisced about growing up times together. :o)

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