Friday, April 9, 2010

Final few shots from Denver

Hi everyone! We have been on the road and been down with colds, so that's why I've not blogged for a while. We are home on the mend now, so check back for more updates in the next few days.

Here's the last few pictures from our time in Denver with the Langemanns.

Uncle Daniel captured these two shots of Hope figuring out how to get this journal open.
She did it!
Auntie Amy never lacks creative ideas of what to get Hope to do. You can see Hope is quite thrilled with the new challenge!
She got quite good at it, frustration only coming when she ran into cupboards or the carpet and got "stuck." Auntie Amy was always quick to rescue her.
Auntie Angie taking a much deserved break from work to play with the little one. I guess Hope wanted to sit right inside the cookie-cutter container, and she fit too! :o)

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