Friday, April 9, 2010

Hope and Momma go to The Farm

After our two full weeks in Denver, Josh had to fly to a client site for a week of training. At the same as he flew east, Hope and I took our very first solo-flight north where we spent a week with my family at the farm. Hope did great on the flight, as she normally does, but I was especially thankful since we were travelling alone and had forgotten the stroller at Langemanns that morning! She fell asleep on my shoulder just as we landed in Great Falls, MT, so I had to shuffle a bit with her, a carry on, and the diaper bag, but Mum and Dad were waiting just outside security to help me with my load!

It was very windy most of our days at the farm, so we spent a lot of time indoors. Hope enjoyed this toy over and over, most of the time with Uncle Avery nearby. The yellow ring was definitely her favourite.
She discovered she could thread her arm through the loops of the plastic rings.
A crokinole game set up on the coffee table in the living room proved to be the perfect height and entertainment for Hope. She had fun stacking the pieces in towers, or having Momma do that part, and then she would make the towers crash. As small as her hands are, she insisted that she could fit three pieces in one hand at a time!
...thinking about venturing around the corner of the coffee table maybe?
"Hi, Momma!" I was helping Lydia with a project in the basement. This box worked great for Hope to stand up against or put her toys on from a sitting position.
"Auntie Lyddie - what are you thinking about?"
"See - watch me do it!"
Oh-ho-ho! Having a little tot in the house made everyone remember the baby toys they used to play with, so Granny went hunting in the bunk house and brought back the little ride 'em John Deere tractor the guys had when they were growing up! Uncle Luke shows her how to do it. The only thing was, she was too short for her feet to reach the floor. That didn't stop her though. She soon discovered if she sat lopsided she could reach the floor with one foot and move herself forward that way, or use the other foot to push off a cupboard or wall to make herself go! It was extremely cute to watch.
Now, this is as curious as it looks. She was jumping away jollily one afternoon while the rest of us sat at the kitchen table playing a game. Soon though, she was grunting and pointing, motioning that she wanted the tractor, which was nearby. So, we gave it to her. Kinda looks like she might fly away on that contraption, doesn't it? :o) She's got the two noise-making steering devices in her hands, if we'd just have opened the front door she probably could have navigated a take-off with all the wind that week! :o)

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