Thursday, May 6, 2010

A little party

The day after Josh's birthday we had some friends, Jason and Nicole, over for dinner. They have a little gal who is 11 months old, so Hope had a playmate. Once Hope got used to the idea it was great!
The Daddy's help the girls share the toy. Lydia had never seen this toy before, so Hope had to be patient with her!
As you can see, they "took turns" holding the ball and putting the shapes in.
Birthday cake w/cherries and ice cream! Happy Birthday, my love!

Embarrassing Note: As I was going to get the ice cream to serve with dessert I realized to my shock and amazement that I had totally forgotten to sing Happy Birthday to Josh on his actual birthday. I felt soooo bad. Oh my word. He was sick that day and I wasn't feeling the greatest either, so maybe that's why I forgot. "Baby brain" is alive and well as you can see. So, I made sure we sang to him when our company was here on Friday!

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  1. Aw - I just checked your blog now...haven't been on all week! We really enjoyed our evening with you all! :-)