Thursday, May 27, 2010

The days before the wedding

Here we are, at Grandma's house, where Hope has lots of playmates. Thankfully, she remembered everyone this time and didn't make strange, which was a huge help. :o) She got rather used to the constant attention though, so it is taking her a little bit of time and extra grace to adjust to being home with just Mommy and Daddy now. :o)
Finally big enough for Grandma's highchair, well, sort of. She still tended to slip out, till Auntie Amy found a bright red scarf to tie her in. :o)
Still fascinated by helium balloons. Josh had bought me one for Mother's Day so Hope would have something new to play with.
Uncle Danny takes a turn with the tot. They have this flying monkey that screeches whenever it bonks it's head, so that is what they were playing with in this picture.
The little tot was into the early rising thing while we were there, so she usually tuckered herself out by mid-morning.
This particular morning she was happily playing with a bow with Auntie Melody when she all of a sudden zonked out with the bow still in hand! It was rather cute.
Proof-reading "the program."
Hope still hasn't quite got the knack of getting these plastic pieces to link together herself yet, but she loves it when someone else builds towers for her. :o)
For the prelude at M&C's wedding, the younger siblings of the Johnson and Langemann families played their string instruments. Led by Joanna, they practiced and practiced and it paid off on "the day." They sounded very together in their playing and did a great job.
Perched on the counter top having a snack while Auntie Melody was baking cookies.
And laughing about something...
"Hmmm.... what can I get this straw to do if I jiggle it up-and-down and up-and-down?"
Auntie Amy gets the award for creative ways to entertain the Hopey-Doodle. Hope liked riding on the towel so much she didn't want to stop. Auntie Amy was pretty good about not letting Hope be too demanding though.
More juice! The afternoon blues are saved once again.

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