Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Matthew and Christy's apartment

Sunday afternoon (May 8), Matthew and Christy were moving the last of their things over to their apartment. Their place is a one mile walk from Lorrie's, so Amy, Lorrie and I walked Hope over there in the stroller. Once we got there, Matthew came down and hauled Hope and her stroller up the stairs and we were all good to go.This is the spare room, at the right end of the entry-way hall.
One happy man! This is the living room and behind Matthew is the doorway to the master bedroom. The kitchen is off to the left side.
Auntie Amy and Hope check out the little back deck.
Trying out the new bed and down comforter. It was great for falling backwards into and rolling around on. Hope quite enjoyed herself.
Guess what noise she's making with her tongue? :o)
Soon-to-be Uncle Matthew plops the little one up on a pillow so she can see out the window.
Sharing the excitement of looking out on green space, and of being new friends. :o)
Happy as can be. She's just making sure Auntie Christy has some fingerprints on her window so she won't forget Hope once she's married!

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