Friday, January 28, 2011

Random Happiness

A few shots of the girls hanging out together. Getting Hope up from her nap generally entails folding all the blankets and leaving her bed neat and tidy. Needing two hands for that job, I usually plop Joy in the crib with Hope while I straiten things.
Hope was particularily dopey when she woke this day as you can see in these next shots. (I think I had to wake her... it was after 5:00pm.)
Hope's in her own little world, but still with a hand on her little sister, who adores her as you can see.
Now... just imagine - if Joy really knew how she looked or knew what she could do with that puppy she's got her hand on... this would be a really funny shot! "I'm gonna get you big sister, Hope!" Hilarious times to come, methinks!
New stickers and a new picture from Granny to decorate! Yay! On these cold winter days with over two feet of snow outside and a newborn in the house, it's nice to have a fresh activity for Hope, since it's hard to go outside and play.
Thankfully, she can get some stickers off the sheets by herself. :o)
Well, her eyes were closed and she was still when I laid her down, but not for long. At least she's cute! :o)
Hope saw me with the camera and asked for her picture to be taken too.
Hope's first time eating a chocolate chip cookie! (note the chocolate smeared on her cheek) I guess she finally got over the "chips" in them and decided they were good. Funny, because she ate chocolate chips on their own before, but avoided cookies that had them in them.
Attentively looking at Daddy who whistles to her. Last week I noticed how Joy lit up when sung to at close range. I mentioned it to Josh, and he decided to try whistling. Worked just as well. Our little one is already living up to her name - Joy. She smiles very easily and is trying her hardest to figure out how to giggle. :o) It's so precious to have her look right into your eyes and smile when you sing to her. Hope likes it when we do action songs, because then she can "help" Joy do the actions.

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