Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Joy's Baby Shower

This Monday was a sunny day in Spruce Grove, and I enjoyed the natural light indoors all day.Lorrie got Joy this little outfit with pastel snowflakes and a "Snow Cute" caption on it. I especially like wearing the jumper on Joy because it helps keep her warm without a blanket in these winter days.
Monday evening was Joy's baby shower at church. I saved our matching outfits Chloe made to wear that day.
Joy, happy after eating.
The shower was in the evening at church. Joy slept in peoples arms for a good while, but woke up in time for the gift opening.
I think Hope was rather perplexed. "Why do we have to be quiet and pray before opening the presents?" A blessing was prayed for Joy and I, and I think it confused Hope's little brain.
Once we started opening gifts, she discovered one that was for her! Janessa Ardron helped with Hope and wrote things down for me.
Multi-tasking me. Joy was hungry, so... I fed her.
Burping the little gal.
Hope was such a help with the gifts, because they were on the floor and I was on the couch! No problem for Hope!
Some of the ladies in the fellowship hall.
Hope modeling Joy's new hat.
It was a double baby shower. Rebekah (in the burgundy striped sweater) gave birth to David Alexander 10 days after Joy was born. It was fun to have a "mummy tummy" companion, and now it's fun to be discovering our second borns together.
Joy was quite awake when we got home, thanks to her evening nap at the shower, so I decided to bathe her.
I've been doing it in the kitchen sink because it's a lot easier right now while she's still small and kinda floppy!

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