Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The girls

Diaper changing time has become something that happens on our bed, if Hope gets her way. Joy likes the comfy perch.
When she's alert, she's alert!!!
And Hope likes being able to access her. :o) Works pretty good! No accidents on the quilt yet.
Last night after supper Hope wanted to do bubbles in the sink, which was an odd time for her to ask for that activity, but I let her at it. Well, let's just say, the kitchen floor got a much needed partial washing afterwards thanks to all the water that had overflowed from the pots she was filling. Hope was quite soaked herself, which was a good excuse to change her and get her into her PJ's. Notice the little frown on Joy's face! I think she was done being in that position. Thankfully, she stayed there happy while I was doing the supper dishes before Hope got into the sink.
Sister time on the couch. That's a 10 lb sleeper Joy's wearing, and it's none to big either! :o)
This is how Hope gives kisses. I love my sweet little girls.

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