Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years at the Farm

The last of the pictures from our Christmas vacation at the farm. Playing Boggle with my brainy siblings and my adorable little girl. Hope was doing stickers while the rest of us did letters. :o)
A game of Scrabble with my sis while nursing the babe.
This guy can't wait to be a Daddy!
Playing with her Daddy's ipad.
Cuddling with Lyddie.
A New Year's Eve feast.
Sampling some chips with Uncle Luke.
Great-Granny with the little one.
Great-Grandma with the little one.
LC and LC, being weird together.
Really, they were playing tic-tac-toe on Josh's ipad. :o)
Ave taught Josh "Speed."
Getting all settled in Granny's arms.
"Baby Joy," as we call her.
She's out of it.
New Year's Day. Joy had fallen asleep in Luke's arms, so I told to lay her down on the couch. Typical for daytime - she woke up!
Looking down on her sleeping baby sister.
Spelling fun with Papa.
These two did a lot of dishes!
Big Luke with little Joy.

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