Wednesday, January 26, 2011

23 months and 7 weeks

Hopey-Doodle likes smiling for the new camera.In just one month she'll be 2! Oh my word!
A contented late evening grin.
Joy Corinne, 7 weeks old.
Looking up at Heidi who came for our check-up this morning. It was our 6 week check-up, just delayed by a week because Josh got stuck an extra night in Chicago on his business trip last week, and wanted to be here for the check-up, so we moved it out a week. :o)
Joy and the one who helped bring her into this world. :o) I told Heidi "I'm sure Joy's 9 pounds now." Up in the sling scale she went, and tada - it read 8 lb 15 oz! Close enough! And she's 21.5 inches long! In another week she'll be the same size Hope was at 3 months.
"Kiss." Hope is starting to give Joy kisses anytime Joy cries... probably because she sees me do it.
After a 3 1/2 hr nap and a good little nursing, Joy was a bundle of grins this afternoon!
Like the double chin? We do.
"Happy Joy" as Hope calls her.
And... full Joy. For now... :o)

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